How to Change Engine oil, Air filter for Honda Activa

Guide for Activa Engine Oil Change and secondary air filter replacement

Activa Maintenance guide

Accessories and Tools Required

  1. Motul Scooter LE 10W30 Engine Oil
  2. Air Filter
  3. Stanley 70 964E Double Sided Combination Wrench Set(You can use your own spanners)
  4. Funnel

How to Change Engine oil for Honda Activa

Step 1

Place the scooter on its center stand on level ground.

Start the engine, let it idle for 2 minutes.

Stop the engine and wait for 2 minutes.

Place oil drain pan under the engine to collect the oil, Remove the oil drain bolt which is below the oil filler dipstick as seen in the attached picture below.

Drain the engine oil while the engine is warm thus ensures complete and rapid draining.

Once draining all the engine oil, Install and tighten the drain bolt.

Step 2

Remove the oil strainer screen cap which is present on the other side of the oil filler dipstick, Once removed, you will find spring and oil strainer screen.

Clean the oil strainer screen and O ring thoroughly.

Install the oil strainer screen, spring and cap.

Tighten the oil strainer screen cap.

Step 3

Pour the engine oil for required levels.

The oil level should be between the upper and lower level marks on the dipstick.

If the oil level is below or near the lower level mark, add the recommended engine oil to the upper level mark.

How to Change Primary Air filter of Honda Activa?

Open the body cover by loosening the bolts as seen in below picture.

You will find the body cover holder, raise the holder to hold the body cover.

Open the air filter cover by loosening bolts in the air filter cover and replace it with a new air filter.

How to Clean Secondary Air filter of Honda Activa?

Remove the screw and housing cover from the secondary air cleaner.

Remove and clean the secondary air cleaner with petrol and squeeze it multiple times to remove the grease and dirt. Clean the housing also.

Follow same procedure you did in the reverse order to install it.

That’s it.! Happy Riding!