Electric geyser installation Guide

A Beginner’s Guide for electric water heater installation

Geyser Installation

Step 1

Water heater does come with a new T&P multi function relief valve pre-installed in the inlet water line.

The T&P valve automatically opens if the temperature or pressure becomes too high for the tank.

Step 2

Make sure that the water tank inlet and outlet fittings are installed properly. Mount the tank on the wall.

Almost all steps on this page are done with power OFF

Step 3

Fill the tank completely with water by opening inlet line and let the water come out from outlet before connecting to power supply

Inlet water line should be open when water heater in use.

Note: Do not switch on until the water is completely filled in the water tank. Else thermostat shuts off. If thermostat shutoff you need to reset it.

Once done, Switch on the water heater and check the water after some time.

Water heater Maintenance

It is recommenced to drain the tank be drained every 6 months to remove the sediments which buildup.

Switch off the electric supply to the water heater

Close cold water supply. Unscrew discharge lever

Drain the water by lifting the discharge lever of safety valve upwards