Photoshop basics

A Beginner’s Guide for Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop tutorials for beginners

Step 1

Load the photo in the photoshop by File -->Open -->select the photo that you want to load as seen below.

Now we need to cut only the beard area. Use the polygonal lasso tool and draw the selections around the beard

Once drawn the selections, press (ctrl+j) to make a new layer in the layers section

Step 2

Now load the second photo by going to File -->Open -->select the photo that you want to load.

It will be opened in new tab. In my case I loaded the actor photo

Step 3

Now click the first photo (the beard photo) and select the layer 1 the cropped beard image.

Now to show only the Layer 1 image, turn off the layer visibility for the background by clicking the eye icon

Now select the beard photo. Hold Ctrl key and drag that image and place it in the next tab (In the actor photo).

The entire image will move when you press ctrl.

Now press the Layer 1 (The beard image) and press ctrl and move that image and place it in the required position.

Press (ctrl+t) to resize the image and you can tilt the image to place it in correct position

As shown below like the image. Once placed click on the apply (tick) icon to apply the changes.

Step 4

Now in the Select the blending mode for the Layer. In my case I have kept it to Darken.

You can select one by one to see which one blends well.

Click the layer mask for Layer 1 to add the masking.

After that select the brush tool and make sure to have foreground color as black since we are going to make it transparent near the lips in the picture.

Lower the opacity and flow and apply the brushes in the lips to see the background image is visible now.

Adjust with the brushes without blemishes.

Step 5

Now we are going to add the tattoo. I already have the png of tattoo image.

Load the tattoo image and press ctrl and place it in the actor image. Now this tattoo will be your layer 2.

Resize the image and adjust it accordingly as like we have done in the before steps.

Select the blending mode to be softlight and mask it and retouch with the brushes as we did before to blend well.

Step 6

Let us add stud by following the same steps above and adjust and retouch accordingly.

But before you need to have a earring png image. you can download from internet

Once that is done, transform the image by pressing the ctrl+t and select warp option.

You can experiment other option by transforming sizes and undo in case you want go back to the previous state.

Step 7

Let us use the smudge tool to smudge near the eyebrow of the actor to have a stylish eyebrow.

Step 8

Select the brush tool with type as Round blunt medium brush and color in black in order to correct the patchy beard.

Select the brush presets to set the shape dynamics of the brush tip and how it should flow when we apply.

Select the brush panel and open it. Apply the brushes wherever there are patchy beards fill it with less opacity.

Now select the patch tool and select a small area in the beard and move it to the destination place where you want to apply in order to have beard looking naturally.

Now you can see that it is looking naturally.

Step 9

Select the Magic wand and select only the sun glass to change the color of the glass

Go to Images --> Adjustments --> and select black and white

Play around with the colors.

Step 10

Open color efex filter

This is an additional filter from nik software. You have to download it and install in Adobe Photoshop CC

In the color effex, you can notice the difference before and after.

Never misuse the photoshop! Everyone are your potential brothers and sisters!