send naked domain to www in Heroku/GoDaddy

How to Configure heroku application DNS to Godaddy Domain?

Step 1

Login to heroku command line terminal

Run the below command

heroku domains:add

heroku domains:add

Look up the Heroku-supplied DNS target for the custom domain which you use using the heroku domains command

or you can check this by logging into heroku dashboard --> Settings and you will find this “Domains and certificates” section.

Step 2

Configure your Domain name DNS provider to point to the Heroku-supplied DNS target

On GoDaddy Go to "Domain"and create a CNAME as a record as shown below

In the below example my heroku application name is boiling-bayou-***

Host: www Points to: boiling-bayou-***

Below is the screenshot of heroku application name in heroku dashboard. You can find your's here.

Step 3

In the below section, Replace “avian-earth-***” with your own Heroku supplied DNS target in GoDaddy

Add this as a CNAME in DNS records

Host: Points to: avian-earth-***

Repeat the same by replacing with your another DNS target

Add this as a CNAME in DNS records

Host: Points to: www.***

You can find below the sample records for your reference

How to send naked domain to www in Heroku/GoDaddy?

On GoDaddy, use the "Forwarding" feature to setup a forward from to

Click "Manage" under "Domain" in the "Forwarding" section to add forwarding details.

In the “Forward To” section provide

If you want to redirect your naked domain ““to ““

Follow the same configurations as seen below.

Note: wait for some time so that DNS can propagate